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As a highly customizable end-to-end Internet of Things (IoT) solution, Smartlinx® takes care of everything a design engineer needs to connect their product to the Internet and unlock a myriad of capabilities, conveniences and value-added services. Smartlinx® is the Internet of Things Made SimpleTM.

Linx Technologies developed Smartlinx® to help customers do the following:

Remotely connect and control. Smartlinx®-enabled products can be controlled using smartphones, tablets, or computers equipped with standard or custom Smartlinx® apps for iOS and Android. To help maintain a robust connection between your product and the Smartlinx® cloud service, Linx Technologies will offer gateways and modules designed to work out of the box with no monthly fee.

Automate. Internet connectivity allows for intelligent automation and value-added services for your products. Imagine an awning that closes when the forecast calls for high winds and opens when it is sunny, or a gate that opens as you approach it and closes as you depart. With Smartlinx®, products can trigger actions based on weather forecasts, GPS locations, or even a customer’s Google Calendar.

Record, store, analyze, and visualize. By securely recording and storing data collected from remote devices, Smartlinx® can help customers build models to understand usage patterns. Our best-in-class data analysis and visualization tools are designed to be efficiently customized without extensive reprogramming. This flexibility makes Smartlinx® a cost-effective solution for customers of all sizes.

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