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New LTE-M (CAT-M1) and NB-IoTTM standards are poised to take industrial wireless applications to a new level and Linx has designed new antennas to support these innovations. Supporting both wide-band LTE antennas and optimized antenna solutions for LTE-M and NB-IoTTM, we have developed a line of antennas suitable for a wide array of applications.  

Linx LTE Antennas

CER Series LTE
Ceramic Chip Antenna

HDP Series Stick-On 
LTE Dipole Antenna

VDP Series Stick-On 
LTE Dipole Antenna

MON Series Tilt/Swivel 
LTE Monopole Antenna

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NEW NB-IoTTM, LTE-M (also known as CAT-M1), Embedded &  External LTE  Antennas

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MON Series Tilt/Swivel  
LTE Monopole Antenna

The MON Series LTE monopole antenna is a high-efficiency multi-band LTE external antenna. The tilt/swivel joint allows the antenna to be positioned for optimum performance on the end product. Operating in all common 4G LTE bands, its small size makes it ideal for small devices. The MON Series LTE monopole antenna is the most cost-effective external 
LTE antenna on the market. 

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CER Series Ceramic
LTE Chip Antenna

The CER Series LTE ceramic chip antenna is a compact, high-efficiency antenna designed to be easily integrated into wireless telecommunication devices. Operating in all common 2G/3G/4G LTE bands, it has better efficiency and gain at lower cellular bands compared to competitive products, providing enhanced performance for NB-IoT applications. The CER Series antenna’s small size saves valuable board space and the integrated solution saves time and money for labor, cable, and connector costs during installation or deployment.  

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HDP & VDP Series Stick-On LTE Dipole Antennas

The HDP and VDP Series stick-on LTE dipole antennas offer an ideal solution for remote locating the antenna. With either a horizontal (HDP) or vertical (VDP) egress for a 2 meter long cable, these antennas enable the option to position the antenna for optimum performance in a particular environment. This is important in application where the radio is mounted in an RF poor position, such as in a metal cabinet. Both versions operate in all common 4G LTE bands and have an IP67 rating, UV protection and a wide temperature range, making them ideal for outdoor installations.  

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