SH2 Series GPS/GNSS Antenna


The next-generation version of the SH Series Antenna, the SH2 adds GNSS capability to an industry-leading GPS antenna. Exhibiting a market leading low current consumption and a waterproof IP66 design, the SH2 antenna is a cost-effective solution for challenging outdoor applications looking to achieve high performance and durability.

The SH2 achieves half the power of competitive antennas, because of lower return loss and input voltage. This makes it ideal for battery-powered applications. An integrated solution that offers several mounting and connector options, the SH2 offers multiple integration possibilities without having to create a custom part.

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UV Protected
Multiple Integration Possibilities
Rugged & Durable

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The Next Generation Version 
in the Innovative SH Series

GPS/GNSS Capabilities
Waterproof IP66 Design
Low Current Consumption
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