DTS-EUR-series-pr The DTS Series and EUR Series RF transceiver modules combine a low power wireless transceiver with a powerful multipoint-to-multipoint protocol controller to form an effective UART-to-antenna wireless communication solution. The modules use a wide band digital modulation technique known as Digital Transmission System (DTS) and are capable of replacing wires in almost any RS-232/422/485 application. This type of system is allowed to have a higher output power, giving it a range of up to 1 mile / 1.6km line of sight without having to limit duty cycle, hop channels or the expense of a direct sequence
(DSSS) system.

The DTS and EUR Series transceivers are designed specifically for low power applications where battery power may be important. Low power modes as well as adjustable transmitter output power allow the designer to optimize the current consumption for the available power supply in the application.

The transceivers have a robust built-in protocol. A Carrier Sense Multiple Access (CSMA) algorithm makes sure the channel is clear before sending data. Group ID and addressing enable basic networking. A 16-bit CRC ensures correct data. This complete radio, protocol and UART interface results in a complete UART-toantenna solution supporting easy integration.

The North American module offers 32 DTS channels in the 902 to 928MHz band. The Brazilian module removes the channels in the 907 to 915MHz restricted band, leaving 19 DTS channels. The EUR Series offers 2 DTS channels in the 868 to 870MHz band.

An EVM evaluation module of each version is also available, having the module on a board with an antenna connector and voltage regulator. The North American version is FCC certified while the Brazilian version is Anatel certified. Specific antennas must be used to maintain the certification.

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