Looking for a handy reference to help you save some time when going through the motions of product design? Seeing as how our tagline is Wireless Made Simple, we decided to create a trusty one-stop reference designed to make life easier for you. Meet the Linx Do-All-Calculator. This multi-purpose design resource offers a number of calculators and general reference guides that have proven useful to Linx engineers over the years. Here is a summary of what is available.

  • Free space loss and RF system range estimator

This includes a basic range calculator and some more complex path loss calculators. The calculations are described in our Considerations for Wireless Range blog post.

  • Antenna length calculator

Antenna length based on the frequency of operation.

  • Unit conversion calculators

Unit conversion for values common to RF design.

  • Microstrip trace width calculator

A simple calculator for determining the dimensions of a microstrip line on a PCB.

  • Parallel resistance calculator

Harking back to electrical engineering 101, this calculates the equivalent resistance of 2 or 3 resistors.

  • Linear Interpolation calculator

This one is surprisingly handy.

  • Match conversion reference table

A simple reference table equating VSWR, Insertion Loss, Transmitted Power and Reflected Power.

  • Voltage divider calculator

Going back to Electrical Engineering 101, this calculates the output voltage of a resistor voltage divider. It also incorporates the resistor tolerances to produce a voltage variation.

  • Standard resistor, capacitor and inductor value reference tables

All of the standard values at the standard tolerances.

  • Resistor color code reference table.

Every EE knows someone who has this posted on a wall somewhere.

So download and enjoy! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help.