HumDT-series-pr-artSeptember 8, 2014 — Linx Technologies announces the release of the HumDT™ Series Transceiver. Designed with cost in mind from the start to appeal to OEMs who have a limited budget to incorporate RF for simple wireless data transfer. At below $9 in volume, the Hummingbird platform is the lowest cost complete wideband transceiver with microcontroller module on the market today.

Like its namesake, the low cost Hummingbird modules are tiny. At 11.5mm by 14.0mm, the HumDT™ uses advanced system on chip (SoC) technology to minimize the footprint and the number of components. It is designed for large-scale volume production, leading to a price that is nearly half that of similar modules, and making it cost competitive with discrete designs.

The HumDT™ transceiver has built-in networking with encryption. Each module can act as one of three components in the wireless network, either the Access Point that controls a network, a Range Extender to repeat messages and expand the range of the network, or an End Device. Each Access Point can be joined to up to 50 Range Extenders and End Devices. The Access Point also supports routing so that End Devices can talk to each other through the Access Point. All routing and network maintenance functions are automatically handled by the transceiver.

The HumDT™ 900MHz version outputs up to 10dBm, resulting in a line-of-sight range of up to 1,600m (1.0 mile), depending on the antenna implementation. The 2.4GHz version outputs up to 1dBm, resulting in a line-of-sight range of 100m (300 feet).

To aid rapid development, the HumDT™ Series transceiver is available as part of a newly conceived type of Master Development System. This comprehensive development kit is designed to assist in the rapid evaluation and integration of the HumDT™ Series data transceiver modules. The all-inclusive system features several pre-assembled evaluation boards, which include everything needed to quickly test the operation of the transceiver modules.

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