Thread RF ModuleFebruary 19, 2016 – Linx, a Merlin, OR based developer and manufacturer of Internet of Things (IoT) Products and Solutions is excited to be showing its new Raven™ Platform with the Thread networking protocol at Embedded World in Nuremberg, Germany. The Raven™ Platform Thread-Based RF modules consist of an 802.15.4 RF transceiver paired with a microcontroller.

Unlike competing solutions, Linx designed and optimized the Raven™ module specifically to run over proven 6LoWPAN / IP-based protocol stacks, such as Thread.

Linx will be showing its Thread-based Raven™ at Embedded World in Nuremberg, Germany, this February 23-25 at Booth 5-430 in Hall 5.

Linx Technologies continues to add powerful options to its IoT ecosystem offerings with its Raven™ Platform. We believe that Thread will provide the best way to connect and control products in the home, and we are excited to present an RF module optimized to the Thread protocol in 2016. – Kris Lafko, VP of Marketing & Sales at Linx Technologies

Next Generation Designs

Thread-Based RF ModulesLatest generation silicon provides best-in-class standard link budget (-110 dBm) and sufficient memory (512k flash) to run Thread and applications stacks effectively and efficiently. In addition, dual crystals provide highly accurate wake-up timing for sleepy end devices. This combination of excellent link budget, increased memory space and accurate wake-up timing make the Raven™ module a very attractive wireless solution.

These RF modules have three antenna output options: on-board chip antenna, u.FL connector and castellation connection for PCB antennas. Combined with its compact size, this added flexibility provides designers with myriad options in their own designs.

Performance Meets Flexibility

The Raven™ module is an IEEE 802.15.4 standard radio paired with an ARM Cortex-M4 microcontroller. The IEEE 802.15.4 standard specifies the radio PHY and MAC layers, the low-level physical control and operation of the radio. This standard has become popular due to its support for low-power and high-reliability systems. It also provides a foundation for standardized wireless communication between products from different manufacturers.

Thread builds on this by defining several software layers that sit on top of the MAC layer. These layers define how information is transmitted and routed through a network. By using the same techniques that are used on the Internet, Thread enables seamless communication from the Internet to the end device.

About Thread

Thread Modules
Thread is a wireless protocol designed for the Internet of Things to simply and securely connect devices in the home to each other and the cloud. Thread is a mesh network capable of reliably connecting hundreds of products around the home without blasting through battery life. Thread uses standard 802.15.4 radios and adapts the same Internet Protocol (IP) that is used by the Web. Adding features like mesh networking, multiple border routers, direct address-ability from the Internet, no single point of failure and the ability to cope with changing network conditions makes the system extremely robust.

About Linx Technologies

At its core, Linx Technologies is an RF module company. We are world leaders in supplying radio modules to remote control applications and we have extremely competitive modules for data transfer. Our tag line is Wireless Made Simple™, meaning that we specialize in making the complex world of radio frequency easy for engineers of all skill levels to use. They are designed for small size, high functionality, low power and low cost for volume manufacturing.

We support our module line with one of the broadest lines of antennas in the industry and high-quality, low cost RF connectors. Linx rounds out its product portfolio with GPS/GNSS modules, a variety of remote controls and keyfobs, battery holders, and custom cable assemblies.

With the addition of Smartlinx™, an Internet of Things (IoT) solution, Linx offers solutions from wireless components and electronics to cloud services, data management and user interface solutions. With this customers can remotely connect and control, record, store, analyze, and visualize their information. Linx’s flexible Smartlinx™ IoT platform offers custom web and smart device applications tailored for the customers’ applications.

For more information about wireless products from Linx, visit or call +1 800 736 6677 (+1 541 471 6256 outside the United States).