Merlin, Oregon February 17, 2022 – Linx Technologies, a Merlin, OR based developer and manufacturer of antennas and connectors, is pleased to introduce a series of lightning arresters for outdoor networking applications. The new Linx lightning arresters are well suited for LPWA (Helium™, LoRaWan®), public safety, Internet of Things (IoT), cellular vehicle to infrastructure (C-V2I), cellular IoT, 5G, LTE, and WiFi applications where protecting your equipment from the potential dangers of lightning is essential.

Linx lightning arresters offer protection from overload in electronic circuits by diverting the excessive current generated by thunderstorms directly to ground. The IP67-rated lightning arresters include a silicone gasket, washer, and hex nut for installation, as well as an aluminum mounting bracket. Linx is offering lightning arresters in a variety of configurations, including N plug to N jack and N jack to N jack, in both 0 Hz to 6 GHz and 0 Hz to 8 GHz variations. All Linx lightning arresters have been tested to meet requirements for corrosion resistance, vibration, mechanical and thermal shock. 

“As Linx rapidly expands our connector portfolio, we are also excited to move into adjacent markets to provide our customers with the best options for RF circuit protection,” said Linx CEO, Tolga Latif. “By combining fantastic electrical performance and ensuring susceptible electrical components are protected against the damaging effects of thunderstorms, these lightning arresters are excellent solutions for demanding outdoor environments.”

Linx lightning arresters are available now via Linx Technologies’ distributor and manufacturer representative networks. For larger quotes, please contact Linx Technologies at For more information about the SMP connectors, please visit


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